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Advance your stock trading precision using key technical indicators

stock trading

Stock trading, technical indicators and market timing  Timing both buy or sell trades for short-term investors and day traders is essential. Even for investors with a longer time horizon, market timing can help. There is a vast range of technical indicators Barchart lists over 120. Technical indicators are overlayed on stock price graphs.  They are […]

Top 3 online stock trading platforms cost effective and efficient trading


The boom in online stock trading apps Investing in stocks will soon become a passion. Its analytical and there are always questions or riddles to be solved. There are three steps in investing plus one extra step. The first three are to know where to look in the sea of information. Then the valuation and […]

5 critical factors to monitor, a stock market crash, no. But a Bull Market?

making money in stocks

Making money in stocks Remember, stocks lead earnings and earnings, lead the economy Considering everything that happened in Q1 2023 and there has been a lot. Bank collapses, stubborn inflation, rising interest rates and continued talks of a recession. The stock market continues to rebound. The S&P 500 is up over 7% and the NASDAQ […]

5 Easy Steps to prepare for a Stock Market Crash

Could a Stock Market Crash really Happen

a Stock Market Crash: Strategies To Survive and Profit Naturally, investor confidence is the driver, the fuel of the Stock Markets. Naturally, in early 2023, the memories of a difficult 2022 are still very fresh in investors’ minds. Thus, the collapse of two banks over the past week has led stock investors to ask “what […]

5 key points to profit from investing in stocks

How to profit from investing in stocks In today’s Stock Markets, you need to have greater control over your investments, your stocks. So how to invest in stocks? People think it is easy to profit from investing in stocks. Just pick a name and place an order. No? In this article, I will cover 5 […]

How to earn Passive Income by selling Stocks Options

Make Passive Income Selling Stock Options As a Stock Investor you would like to discover ways to increase the returns on your Stock portfolio and maintain your investment strategy.  First off, you must have an Investment Strategy and this can be implemented by using individual Stocks. For every position in your Investment Portfolio, including Cash, […]

Cryptocurrencies, what’s the Future?

The future for Cryptocurrencies

Looking into the Crystal Ball Following the FTX scandal will Cryptocurrencies be subject to more rules and regulations? If Cryptocurrencies are subject to more rules and regulations, will they have a future? Will the original dream or idea still be around? What could be the role of a Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin? If you are […]

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Meet the author behind Smartest-Data. Warren William has a career in Finance and Investments extending over 35 years, both on the Buy Side and Sell Side. His most recent roles include, developing Institutional Risk Management Programs for managing Equity and Fixed Income Risk.  Prior to this Warren William work in Alternative Investments, in Investment Management and as a Buy Side Equity Analyst. Warren William brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, providing in-depth analysis and commentary on the latest trends in the Stock Markets. Contact information: or Telegram +393339034488

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