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U.S. Stock Markets are strong do not get it wrong, the Week to May 19th

U.S. Stock Markets: The Week to 19 May

So far in 2023 the U.S. stock market have been strong, with the S&P 500 +9.6% YTD and the NASDAQ 100 +22%. Recently, investors have been wondering what the future holds for the stock markets.

u.s. stock markets

The week of May 15th to May 19th was no exception, with several key events impacting the U.S. Stock Markets. In this article, we will take a closer look at the U.S. stock market update for this week and what it means for investors.

u.s. stock markets

In 2023, the performance so far has been in a few large cap tech stocks. Who would have expected this? I did expect the tech stocks to be in rally mode due to the three factors and at the end of last year published a video on this. But not this strong, published 13 December. Take a look at the outperformance of the major tech stocks. The three key issues are Recession, Inflation and Rates. Probably this trend in big tech is set to continue.

u.s. stock markets

While rates are rising and are bad for stocks, the balance sheets of the major tech stocks are not full of debt. Recession, or the talk of, allows restructuring and the tech stocks have does this. Tech has over earnt over the past couple of years. Corporate America and Europe are doing well, inflation will help with pricing power.

The U.S. Stock Markets

The U.S. stock market had a mixed performance during the week of May 15th to May 19th. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 both experienced slight losses, while the Nasdaq Composite Index gained slightly. The DJIA fell by 0.53%, the S&P 500 lost 0.38%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index gained 0.34%.

Several events impacted the U.S. stock market during this week. One of the most significant was the release of the Federal Reserve’s May meeting minutes. The minutes showed that the Fed is on track to raise interest rates in June. This caused some uncertainty in the market, but then again, the market is showing only a 21% chance of a 25 bp rate hike.

u.s. stock markets

The next FOMC meeting will be June 13-14. Following which, Fed Chair Powell, signaled he is inclined to pause raising interest rates at that point. Additionally, investors were watching developments in Washington D.C closely. The Debt Ceiling Debate continued to raise controversy and uncertainty.

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The party in big cap tech stocks

Tech and communications services are still leaving the rest sectors in the U.S. stock market. The technology sector was one of the best-performing sectors during the week of May 15th to May 19th. The Nasdaq 100 Index, weighted towards technology stocks, gained over the week. The healthcare sector also performed well. The stocks in the energy sector struggled due to falling oil prices.

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The graph indicates the massive outperformance of the major tech stocks versus the S&P 500. All the major stocks Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Tesla, Nvidia have outperformed. Is this set to continue? You have to have a very good argument to bet against the major tech stocks. Yes. The valuation differential is at all time highs, with the other peaks reached back in the early 2000’s and in the 1970’s. Of course, tech was a very different sector compared to today. I do not expect tech to over ear, as the sector did over the past 10 years. Keep in mind they have restructured, and they will have adequate pricing power.

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Outlook for Investors

The strong performance of the U.S. stock markets so far in 2023 has many market commentators becoming more positive. Also, many analysts are becoming more optimistic about the future. The economy continues to show signs of strength, and corporate earnings have been solid. Thus, when will significant upgrades start to come through.
On the bearish side for the U.S. stock markets, athletic retailers moved lower. This was driven by a -27% plunge in Foot Locker on the back of the company lowering its full-year sales forecast. Also, chip makers were under pressure Friday. AMD announced that Q3 net sales would decline as the memory-chip slump weighs on its business. Investors should always remain cautious. Keep an eye on potential market drivers, such as interest rate hikes and political uncertainty.



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U.S. Stock Markets are strong do not get it wrong, the Week to May 19th

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