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Microeconomics studies the decisions made or potential impact due to incentives offered, probably either monetary or financial, in an Economy. Thus, Microeconomics analyses the potential implications and how economic elements are distributed and utilised.

In Economics, there are three now probably a fourth resource, Land, Labour, Capital and now Technology Infrastructure, to consider. Microeconomics provides an understanding of an economy, the implications of incentives and ultimately the choices made about the utilisation and distribution of resources. Participants, individuals or companies, in an Economy demonstrate biases which occur when they make choices in response to incentives or changes in the offering. The incentives could be changes in prices or the availability of resources and improvements in production techniques. The various participants in an economy, Buyers and Sellers are studied in Microeconomics, as they compete for resources or are in a competing supply and demand relationship of a resource.

The economic tools of trade, money and the price of money, interest rates, become the conduit for barter, or, more formally, negotiation. Thus, Microeconomics looks at why participants utilise different economic elements and place different values on these elements. Ultimately, Microeconomics studies the choices made by individuals and companies to allocate resources of production, exchange, and consumption. How participants benefit from efficient production, exchange, coordination and cooperation in an economy. In investing in stocks. Microeconomics can assist in explaining the possible impact for an individual company. For example, if Employment Rights are legally changed, for example an increase in the Minimum Wage, this could have a negative impact on some companies.


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