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Great news to save the US taxpayer raise bank capital requirements


BANK CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS All eyes this week were focused on the FMOC meeting at the Fed. As expected, the FOMC raised by 25 basis points to hit a 22-year high. The benchmark rate moved from 5.25% to 5.50% Keep in mind the effective rate is less at around 5.32%. It is unclear if the new […]

Investing in Stocks: CNBC Final Trades – 30 January Portfolio 02

how to invest in stocks

A stock picker’s portfolio How to invest in stocks by constructing a simple stocks portfolio. Finding a quick, easy-to search or screen for stocks is key to this process. Each week a portfolio is constructed based on Final Trades. The socks are discussed daily on CNBC’s program Halftime Report. The selection is made by a […]

Investing in Stocks: CNBC Final Trades – 23 January Portfolio 01


A stock picker’s portfolio Investing in stocks is a three-step process. Where to look, the valuation, the story. Then construct a stock portfolio, possibly by investment strategy. Each week a stock portfolio is constructed based on Final Trades. On a daily basis stocks are discussed on CNBC’s program Halftime Report. Individual stock selection is by […]

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