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Need help to understand Artificial Intelligence and how to profit from AI stocks

artificial intellingence

Artificial Intelligence: a high-octane boom Nvidia shocked the stock market last week and the stock jumped 24% in a day. This produced the second highest increase in market capitalization in one day. NVDA reported earnings for the first quarter, they were below the previous quarter. But they exceeded expectations. OK, all good but not really […]

U.S. Stock Markets are strong do not get it wrong, the Week to May 19th


U.S. Stock Markets: The Week to 19 May So far in 2023 the U.S. stock market have been strong, with the S&P 500 +9.6% YTD and the NASDAQ 100 +22%. Recently, investors have been wondering what the future holds for the stock markets. The week of May 15th to May 19th was no exception, with […]

Top 10 Stock Picks for 2023, the story so far +12.5%


3 months performance: S&P 500 +6.2%, Dow Flat, NASDAQ 100 +18% Top 10 Stock Picks +12.4% concentrated but diversified At the end of 2022, CNBC ran a segment, Top 10 Stock Picks by Wall Street Analysts for 2023. The portfolio is designed to be concentrated in the number of stocks but diversified by sector. A […]

NASDAQ Index is booming, 3 highest dividend yielding stocks

nasdaq index

The NASDAQ 100 Index is booming Investors continue to flock back into the NASDAQ 100 Index. What is driving this? Are concerns about rising interest rates and a potential recession, receding? The market has taken a turn. These factors could be bringing cash back into stocks. The current Interest Rate Cycle may soon peak. Blue-chip […]

Top 7 Stocks in the S&P 500 with Highest Dividend Yield, 5 good reasons to invest

5 reasons to consider investing in High dividend-yielding Stocks. After the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, concerns have surrounded the Bank Sector. Investors seeking dividend yielding stocks have seen the sector as a “hunting ground”. Of course, for investors seeking yield, they always have other sectors such as Utilities. Stocks with high dividend yields may […]

11 Industrial groups on the NYSE, key stocks and highly effective investing via ETFs


Efficient, Effective and Profitable Investing via Sectors The reasoning behind the 11 industrial sectors is to put companies together based on their underlying economic drivers. The logic is that investors will develop a better understanding of the dynamics of different industrial grouping of the economy.  When investors are better informed, they can make more efficient, […]

Bank management in Focus, Credit Suisse and SBV

Arrogance, Incompetence, Deregulation gives Credit Suisse and SVB A quick recap, at the close yesterday – S&P 500 Index -0.70%, the Dow Jones Industrials Index -0.87%, and the Nasdaq 100 Index +0.42%. Bank stock continue to be in focus, due to liquidity concerns. If last week’s two U.S bank failures SVB and Signature were not […]

The Silicon Valley Bank bailout, who really benefits?

Billions of Dollars in the 2 Bailouts Who has the problem? On Friday, the second largest bank collapse in U.S history occurred Friday as US regulators, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), shut down Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). This followed on from Signature Bank, mid last week. In this article I will only reference the […]

Stock Markets could exceed $100 trillion in Market Cap, in 2023

Total Stock Market Capitalisation of $100 trillion To understand Stock Market capitalisation and how we could get here, let’s start from the very basics about a Stock Market. What are Stock Markets and how do they work? Let’s start from the very basics about a Stock Market or Stock Exchange. Stock Markets are found around […]

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